Why have a HUB?

It is our hope that the HUB will enable people in the FDCW community to learn more about, and collaborate in advancing a universal education for compassion and wisdom that brings peace and warm-heartedness to the world.

It will achieve this by:

  • Enabling people to find each other without going through the office
  • Enabling the FDCW office to share office/project news more effectively, regularly and informally
  • Encouraging research and sharing of resources such as scientific articles, videos, books, and others.
  • Enabling projects to share key non –public documents (including the ones specific to faculty and facilitators)
  • Providing a platform for national/regional/language collaboration
  • Offering a space to share tips, ideas and good practice
  • Keeping the enthusiasm going by regular communication and input
  • Promoting a sense of international community
  • Helping people develop their interest and involvement in universal education for compassion and wisdom
  • Supporting collaborative working
  • Delighting  in other people's success stories and positive experiences
  • Offering a space to consult and discuss issues concerning FDCW
  • Becoming a planning platform for FDCW meetings
  • Offering communication between closed groups (regional coordinators, board, etc.)

To leave us your comments and suggestions please email:  info (at) compassionandwisdom.org