Interconnection: 7 billion Others

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GoodPlanet Foundation

I found this video inspiring because it shows how humans, despite being so different, still share a basic wish for happiness, well-being, connection and meaning. I thought it could be quite useful for the 16 Guidelines theme How We Relate to Others. Here is their description:

We share this planet with seven billion others. What is our relationship with them? Are we a single unity? Do we belong to one of many tribal divisions? Are we individuals in a planet full of individuality? There is, of course, no single answer to these fundamental questions. Our sense of identity and diversity depends on context. But the way we conceive of our place among the people of the world has profound social, environmental, political, and ethical implications. The GoodPlanet Foundation asked people from all over the world a series of standard questions about the things they value. The survey examines their hopes, dreams, fears, and grounding principles. In bearing witness to the answers, the project allows us to explore the depth of our human commonality against the superficial visual and linguistic signs of difference. These sound-bites provide points of connection between ourselves and others.

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