Generosity: a film on the life of Cesar Chavez

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Canana films
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A biographical film on Cesar Chavez who is one of the role models for the guideline of generosity.  Could be inspiring to watch with young people and then discuss the guideline and how it manifested in his life.

The description of the film reads:

Chronicling the birth of a modern American movement, Cesar Chavez tells the story of the famed civil rights leader and labor organizer torn between his duties as a husband and father and his commitment to securing a living wage for farm workers. Passionate but soft-spoken, Chavez embraced non-violence as he battled greed and prejudice in his struggle to bring dignity to people. Chavez inspired millions of Americans from all walks of life who never worked on a farm to fight for social justice. His triumphant journey is a remarkable testament to the power of one individual's ability to change the world.

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