1 5 years ago Seven steps to knowledge, strenght and compassion

This is a 25minute presentation by Pam Cayton, founder on Tara Reedworth School, on the history and methodology of the 'Seven Steps for Knowledge, Strenght and Compassion':

1 6 years ago Italian summer camp (July 2011)

The Italian summer camps, that take place at the end of July in North Italy, are mostly offered to families.
Depending on the moment of the day people work together otherwise are divided...

1 6 years ago Seven Step activities -- an index of the 170 Ready Set Happy activities keyed to the Seven Steps


Ready Set Happy v1.5 keyed to the Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion Page 1 of 5



6 years ago Mindfulness with children - snake breath

In response to Patrick's post in the Mindfulness Group