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5 years ago How to develop compassion and wisdom - teachings by Buddhist teacher Khandro-la

We are very pleased to share this footage of Khandro-la giving teachings on how to develop compassion and wisdom during the Universal Wisdom Education gathering at Institut Vajrayogini, France,...

6 years ago Article on How to be compassionate by the HHDL recently published

Please find attached as an image, from the Yoga & Health magazine published December 2011. It focuses on interdependence and includes a short meditation. Their website is:...

6 years ago Mahayana is universal education

First published in educaré Magazine in March 1984


Lama Thubten Yeshe has given UWE a great deal of guidance in its early days with regard to philosophical principles and...

6 years ago The Blind Men and the Elephant. An old tale from the land of India.

Long ago in India, six blind men lived together. Because they lived in India, they often heard about elephants. But because they were blind, they had never seen an elephant.


6 years ago Buddhist Ethics and education

This seems very worthwhile to investigate, a lot of serious articles, on education and mindfulness too. I just had a glimpse but it...

6 years ago HHDL on ethics in secular education

His Holiness gives a talk on developing ethics through secular education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At that link you can watch the video (1h45m) and/or...

6 years ago HHDL