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1 5 years ago Seven steps to knowledge, strenght and compassion

This is a 25minute presentation by Pam Cayton, founder on Tara Reedworth School, on the history and methodology of the 'Seven Steps for Knowledge, Strenght and Compassion':

1 6 years ago Seven Step activities -- an index of the 170 Ready Set Happy activities keyed to the Seven Steps


Ready Set Happy v1.5 keyed to the Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion Page 1 of 5



6 years ago Links on Contentment

A place to record links related to the 16Guidelines subject of Contentment -Here is an article to start it off by Rick Hanson, talking about specific everyday ways to "Feed the Mouse" or...

6 years ago 16 Popsongs keyed to the 16 Guidelines for Life

Here is a pdf of 16 popsongs keyed to the 16 Guidelines for Life.Support the artists, and enjoy!Love,Denisep.s. I have many more if there is something you need specifically.

2 6 years ago The Guidelines Tree

For poster of the 16 Guidelines, one each on a leaf.
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