Meditation and Mindfulness

3 years ago Eight Tips for Teaching Mindfulness in High School

A mindfulness teacher shares what he's learned about teaching moment-to-moment awareness to teenagers.


3 years ago MEDITATION: a graphic that highlights some of the benefits of meditation

You can read the article here:...

3 years ago Corporate Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) Resources to Inspire and Engage In

Please find attached the document ”CBMT Resources to Inspire and Engage In” that was initiated by Potential Project senior facilitator Jacqueline Carter, and which is a great...

4 years ago Mindfulness leads to Compassion: short presentation by Shauna Shapiro

The author and researcher explores how moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and surrounding helps us to see and alleviate suffering in others.

This clip is from the...

5 years ago Potential Project Youtube channel

The Potential Project's Youtube channel hosts a variety of videos including conference presentations,  interviews with PP participants, documentaries about mindfulness, etc. Have a look...

5 years ago Graphic- Harnessing the Mind's Potential

This past week (April 2012) Senior Trainers Jacqueline Carter and Jane Grafton from Singapore led a series of workshops with senior leaders from a global electronics manufacturer. One of the...

5 years ago Mindfulness and the Brain with Daniel Siegel and Michelle Gale

Daniel Siegel (Mindsight Institute) talks about mindfulness, technology, and the brain; he is then interviewed by Michelle Gale (Twitter) at the 2012 Wisdom 2.0 Conference.


6 years ago Mindfulness and Corporate Burnout

This article, by Potential Project Senior Trainer Jane Grafton, appeared in Human Resources Magazine Singapore in November 2011. Goran Musulin, former HR Director Siemens Healthcare Asia Pacific...

6 years ago expérience de vipassana dans les prisons en Inde

 The video is in English with French subtitles

6 years ago livres en français pour travailler des thèmes UWE

Eckhart Tolle a écrit un livre pour les enfants sur le pouvoir du moment présent