Attitudes and values

1 year ago Wake-up calls: 2 UECW-themed Facebook Pages to call these idea to mind weekly or randomly
3 years ago KINDNESS: a list of fun and creative ideas on how to practice it!

Browse through a collection of Kindness Ideas: http://www....

3 years ago Educating the Heart-Mind resources

Heart-Mind Online provides resources for families, educators and all others who care for and about children. You can search for the latest research, activities, interviews and more. You can search...

3 years ago Three ways for schools to help kids cultivate kindness

You can read the article here:...

3 years ago Forgiveness: how to overcome barriers


4 years ago Generosity: a video from YouTube

A video about generosity and repaying the kindness.

4 years ago Patience: a short story of a father a son and a sparrow

This short video illustrates a simple everyday interaction between a father and son and could be used to explore the attitude of patience and how easy it is to lose it, even with those closest to...

4 years ago Forgiveness: a story of forgiveness

This is a short promo video for Project Forgive, where they explore the theme of forgiveness and share the story of Gary:

A few years ago, a man named Gary received news that his wife Judy...

4 years ago Bringing Compassion into Everyday Life

This article has 10 practical and easy to remember suggestions to bring more compassion into your life.  I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you do find it useful.


4 years ago Envy: Looking In Other People's Windows (Jewish Food For Thought)

A short and sweet dialogue between two parents and their son where they eventually discuss the attitude of 'envy' and how it can be changed into 'contentment' and 'delight...