Inspirational stories

3 years ago Generosity: a film on the life of Cesar Chavez

A biographical film on Cesar Chavez who is one of the role models for the guideline of generosity.  Could be inspiring to watch with young people and then discuss the guideline and how it...

1 2 years ago Kindness: colour your world with kindness

A very simple and short animation that could be used across languages to stimulate a discussion around the way an act of kindness can change someone.



3 years ago Forgiveness: a short story about missing a plane

You can read the original story here:...

4 years ago Kindness: different types

A short article that raises interesting points on the difference between kindness to strangers, to loved ones and to oneself. Could be useful as a reflection after a 16 Guidelines workshop.

4 years ago Kindness: everyday life stories from around the world

If you feel you could do with some inspiration, why not take a moment to read some short and ordinary accounts of the way in which kindness can change a situation? Nothing too complex: this is a...

4 years ago Interconnection: 7 billion Others

I found this video inspiring because it shows how humans, despite being so different, still share a basic wish for happiness, well-being, connection and meaning. I thought it could be quite useful...

4 years ago Compassion: youth engage on a dialogue about compassion with The Dalai Lama

This 90minute dialogue between the Dalai Lama and middle and senior high school students at the 'Youth engaged in compassion' that took place in the Kentucky Center for the Arts in...

4 years ago Generosity for kids by kids: lemmon-aid

Cute interview with a girl called Vivienne who started selling lemonades to fundraise to end child slavery. She asks people to give a donation from the heart, and calls her stand a 'give-ness...

4 years ago Soulpancake: 'chew on life's big questions' type of website aimed at young people

Is a useful resource if looking for inspirational videos, themes, conversations...

4 years ago Empathy: walking in someone elese's shoes

Sharing this video made by a health clinic in the US. It touches on the subject of empathy and 'listening to others' I thought some of you would enjoy it, particularly those of...