16 Guidelines

4 years ago Generosity: a video from YouTube

A video about generosity and repaying the kindness.

6 years ago DELIGHT- Joshua Bell "Stop and Hear the Music" by the Washington Post

The true-story below is used in the 16G book under delight, the story is below and the video could be used as an aid for presentations, or as a personal reminder to stop and take delight in the...

6 years ago Three Wishes instruction page - January 2012

Join the Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life Group to learn more about these aspirations for happier days and more meaningful living, based on the 16 Guidelines for Life.

This page is the...

1 6 years ago Buddhist Stories indexed by the 16 Guidelines for Life-- a preliminary index of 108 stories in Four Collections



This index was initially done to suggest stories to be read to the...

1 6 years ago Seven Step activities -- an index of the 170 Ready Set Happy activities keyed to the Seven Steps


Ready Set Happy v1.5 keyed to the Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion Page 1 of 5



2 6 years ago The Guidelines Tree

For poster of the 16 Guidelines, one each on a leaf.
See also ...

6 years ago Handclap Video from Ready Set Happy

http://www.flickr.com/photos/25434820@N00/3641473828/Handclap of...

6 years ago Quotes on Humility

Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less -- Kenneth Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager

6 years ago 108 Jataka Tales keyed to 16 Guidelines

Here is an index I produced for the volunteer Sunday children's teachers at Kadampa Center so that Jataka tales (stories from the Buddhist tradition of Buddha's former lives) could be found that...

6 years ago 16 Guidelines academic references

General introduction, aims and principles
The 16 guidelines academic references was created because of a need and interest to strengthen the 16 Guidelines for Life with a...