3 years ago Compassion: What makes a compassionate man?

This article from Greater Good explores various angles on understanding gendered approaches to compassion. It is true that most of the FDCW audience is more likely to be female (between 65% and 75...

4 years ago Mindfulness leads to Compassion: short presentation by Shauna Shapiro

The author and researcher explores how moment-to-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and surrounding helps us to see and alleviate suffering in others.

This clip is from the...

4 years ago Compassion: youth engage on a dialogue about compassion with The Dalai Lama

This 90minute dialogue between the Dalai Lama and middle and senior high school students at the 'Youth engaged in compassion' that took place in the Kentucky Center for the Arts in...

4 years ago Bringing Compassion into Everyday Life

This article has 10 practical and easy to remember suggestions to bring more compassion into your life.  I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you do find it useful.


5 years ago Inside Compassion: Edge States, Contemplative Interventions, Neuroscience with Joan Halifax

On May 12, 2012, Zen Buddhist Roshi Joan Halifax gave a lecture about empathy and compassion at the Library of Congress in the USA. Dr. George Chrousos, an authority on the effects of stress on...

5 years ago The Science of Compassion conference videos

Click here to visit The Science of Compassion conference and the Centre for Compassion and...

5 years ago Developing Compassion- an interview with Paul Ekman by teenagers in San Francisco

World expert on emotions, Dr Paul Ekman, speaks to Mind with Heart about cultivating compassion in an interview conducted by teenage students in San Francisco. He talks about...

5 years ago The Dalai Lama on friendship and trust- short video

“The basis of genuine friendship is trust. Trust depends on openness. So, through these things,
we can change. That’s my belief, but …. my friends have a lot more...

5 years ago How to develop compassion and wisdom - teachings by Buddhist teacher Khandro-la

We are very pleased to share this footage of Khandro-la giving teachings on how to develop compassion and wisdom during the Universal Wisdom Education gathering at Institut Vajrayogini, France,...

6 years ago Article on How to be compassionate by the HHDL recently published

Please find attached as an image, from the Yoga & Health magazine published December 2011. It focuses on interdependence and includes a short meditation. Their website is:...